Executive Onboarding

A new executive often enters an organization with expectations of change. Any change – even beneficial change – creates some uncertainty for the team. Uncertainty leads to a defensive posture characterized by playing not to lose rather than playing to win. A proactive onboarding breaks this cycle and facilitates productive results.

Our Executive Onboard Coaching accelerates integration by creating a readiness to receive within the organization and a Winning Game Plan for the first 90 days of your new hires tenure. Onboard Coaching accelerates integration through accountability, trust and communication.

Will your organization Play to Win or Play Not to Lose during the executive transition?

Step 1: Readiness Coaching
Coaching begins during the search stage with direct reports and shareholders. We listen, clarify expectations and align individual goals with organizational strategy. Online assessments can be used for key stakeholders to understand upcoming team dynamics and potential communication challenges.
Step 2: Candidate Assessment
As part of the search process, candidates will complete portions of the CP Power 4 Assessment. Your final candidate(s) will complete the entire Assessment and have coaching to understand key development areas.
Step 3: Winning Game Plan
We take your W.I.N. (What’s Important Now) and align big picture priorities and daily tasks. Once the Winning Game Plan is created, we evaluate the plan and process for execution to ensure 100% confidence in the plan. A confidently created plan is consistently executed.
Step 4: Mindset Coaching
We continue the coaching relationship as a thinking partner and mindset coach. In this step we are focused on training the voice in your head to be a consistent coach that brings out top performance in yourself and others.


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