Senior Leadership Succession Planning

Organizations are facing a substantial succession bubble with an expected 50 percent board and senior management turnover by 2025, driven by generational and business model changes.

Does your company have confidence in the current leadership composition to guide your organization through the next five years?

The Chartwell Partners Team offers succession planning advisory services to assist our clients in making confident leadership decisions.

Our four-step process includes:

Step 1: Intake
We meet with key stakeholders, such as the Chairman, Lead Director or CEO to understand the business objectives, the current leadership dynamic and unique cultural elements that drive effective leadership transition plans.
Step 2: Planning
We craft a tailored plan and define outcomes, outlining defined action plans and timeline. We partner with the decision-making team to provide guidance on executing against the defined plan, whether it’s testing a current succession plan or executing internal leadership assessments and processes.
Step 3: Assessment
Leveraging our decades of in-person executive assessment experience, coupled with our data-driven on line assessment service, we meet with the select executives and provide in-depth insights into the leadership team. We also provide perspective on your leadership team compared to outside executive options.
Step 4: Reporting
Following assessment, we provide a written report based on the desired outcomes defined by our client, which may include a well-defined succession plan or a guide to an internal leadership selection process. We tailor our reporting to your specific needs, so that your key stakeholders are confident in the executive leadership decisions.

We help our numerous clients think through leadership transition plans by serving as a trusted third party to ensure confident decisions. Let’s make a plan for your future.