Board Services

Every institution is unique both in culture and business objectives. This is why we invest in each client relationship and tailor our process based on your specific needs and desired board outcomes. At Chartwell Partners, we offer the following Board Services:

Board Assessment/Advisory

We assess the strengths, agility, and skills gaps of boards relative to their strategy. We conduct customized assessments through one-on-one meetings with members of your board and provide a framework report outlining our findings. We offer fee-based services advising on a variety of topics including Board Composition, Board Compensation, and Achieving Board Alignment.

Director Recruitment

We regularly conduct national board searches where we map and attract industry-leading talent to join your board. There are many reasons we are engaged to recruit new board members including succession planning, increasing diversity, and deepening the functional or industry skillsets represented on the board.


When you engage Chartwell Partners for Board Services, we will conduct in-depth intake sessions with your board, provide regular reporting throughout and at conclusion of the project, and conduct ongoing follow-up advisory sessions for two years after project completion.